Monday, January 09, 2006

Who is the Bagwhan?

There has been some recent confusion about the identity of the Bagwhan. Some apparently think it is me, or a character I have made up like Johnny Carson's Amazing Karnak. I thought it might be time to re-introduce the Bagwhan to those who were not following this blog when I started posting his predictions last fall. Like any good comic book super hero you have to re-tell the origin story every once in a while for the benefit of newer readers.

I've known the Bagwhan since 1969, and remember noticing then that he held special talents when he made a sculpture of Artis Gilmore using empty paper towel tubes for legs attached to a Kleenex box body. He lives with his two closest spiritual advisors Bosco & Zoran, a mere 50 yards from the Parkway Deli. What's left to say?

We await further predictions from his holiness. Right or wrong his heartfelt pronouncements add color to our day and have increased traffic on this blogsite.

That, my friends, is the Bagwhan.

Just hangin' after work


TB said...

much much appreciated.
TB has been felled by a sinus infection since last thursday, hence his worthless effing wildcard picks.
still not feeling much better, but will overcome and kick butt this upcoming weekend.
THE BAGWHAN is real and lives in maryland

Max said...

Nice to meet you, Bagwhan.