Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Nature Nazis?

After two years of dealing with the absurd and comical attempts by the National Park Service to regulate my business, it gladdened my heart to read this diatribe against them by the head of the Alaskan Alpine Club. I could not have said it better:

National Parks remain as Police-States ruled by malicious, armed, mental midget thugs who could not understand these words even if you handed them a dictionary. They write and impose laws to criminalize all human actions, so the thugs can arrest people at whim, to feed the childish ego of Park Police bullies, and to create enforcement budget excuses. Rights have been turned into privileges, grantable and deniable at the whim of petty police thugs. They are still writing more laws. They cannot stop writing laws, and will continue to more extensively criminalize what they have already criminalized, and arrest more people, until they eat their own, on schedule. Inherently self-defeating power cannot recognize the process of human reasoning which can demarcate between harmful and harmless actions. Power demands to be worshiped because of raw power alone, void of a human thinking process. Pity them. Give them the hollow flattery and worship they crave, and dance to the tune of their paperwork idiot-drills, if you wish, to avoid arrest, if you do not learn the other processes, while laughing yourself to tears at petty power-damaged minds.

Amen brutha!


Andy said...

Environmentalists are the facists. The rangers are just unsophisticated "white" trash soldiers or tools used to enforce the silly anti-recreation, anti-people management policies created by a provincial bureacracy confused by its mission, brain-washed by chicken little environmentalists, and terrifed of litigious people.

The NPS has been eating its young for a long time now. But, there are two sides to these issues that so upset the Alaskan Alpine Club. Blaming park rangers for enforcing rules and regulations you don't agree with is like blaming Marines for fighting a war in Iraq.

With that said, I was happy to see that that the AAC did attribute some of the blame to what the writer called "pocket environmentalists."

beamis said...

It has been my experience that the law enforcement rangers are the ones who are pushing for more rules to enforce. The current campaign to regulate people who accompany tour groups and dispense information to them was initiated in Zion by the district ranger's office.

Even though they can not list one single instance of trouble caused by this very small segment of the overall tour business, they say that it might become a problem down the road and thus needs an intensive regulatory framework designed by people who have never even stepped out of their office or patrol cars to see what is actually going on in reality.

Thus they turn a purpose driven and benign educational activity into a crime and then set out to zealously enforce what is arcane and stupid on behalf of the corrupt and incompetent.

Someday the government will make everything a crime and we'll all live in one big happy jail yard of a country.