Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A rock in the forehead

Downed American helicopter in Iraq
The, so called, enemies of American military occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan are a pretty crafty resourceful bunch when it comes to creating and using homemade devices to destroy the high-tech multi-million dollar "Arsenal of Democracy". Come to think of it so were the Vietcong, Khmer Rouge and assorted Somalian warlords, among many others who have successfully thwarted the imperialist ambitions of American power over the years.

I'm pretty certain that over-stuffed Goliaths always fall in much the same way. Good thing too.


Max said...

Beamis, I have noticed that you have linked before. I am wondering if people in general are aware also of I want to share this because I think a lot of people may not know. belongs to a publishing company in Dubai which has no association with Al-Jazeera television. is the english-language website of the tv station in Qatar.

I just think it is important that people know the different sources. Thanks for the opportunity to share that here.

beamis said...

I look at all of 'em, but thanks for the reminder that there are indeed a wide array of choices.

Audie said...

Did anyone else do a double-take at that picture? It looks like the guy in the middle, with his back to the camera and the cowboy-style hat (?), is also wearing chaps, with his bare butt-cheeks showin'.

Well, as long as he "don't tell"....