Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Rubicon has been crossed

Defending freedom
The time has come again for this amateur historian to draw a parallel from the last century concerning the actions of the current warlords in DC. As I've mentioned in recent blogs, the passage of the "Law for Terminating the Suffering of the German Nation" in 1933 was the end of German politics and the beginning of totalitarian rule, which ultimately led to the smoking ruins of WW2.

The current regime in charge here has said that it will not be deterred by that quaint old Constitution in its prosecution of the War on Terror, especially when it comes to illegally wiretapping, incarcerating or torturing innocent American civilians. That they're doing it "to protect American lives" should give none of us any comfort.

So this is it folks. It is exactly the same moment in history that Germany experienced in 1933, when it accepted Hitler's word that he was seizing extraordinary powers only in the interests of the safety and security of the German people.

Protecting us against dangers by revolutionarily changing the constitutional system to one based on executive supremacy precisely the supremacy which the framers whom Bush and his henchmen love to cite waged a revolution to throw off the President says that if it is necessary to secretly kidnap people in Europe and ship them to Uzbekistan, where prisoners are boiled, or to Egypt or Syria or other places where they are tortured in other ways, he can order this even though there is a decade-old federal law under which it is criminal. He says that, if it is desirable for Americans themselves to torture real or supposed enemies to obtain information, he can order it though this too is a federal crime when done abroad, as has regularly occurred. When signing the recent bill containing the McCain prohibition against torture, he says that this is subject to his power as Commander-in-Chief. Translation: he can order torture, despite the McCain law, if he wants to. He attempts, when signing the law that contains the McCain bill, and when signing other laws too, to vastly alter 200 and more years of law and practice by seeking to have laws interpreted not in accordance with the intent of the Congress which enacted them, but in accordance with the often very different intent of the President who signed them. He says that, if it is desirable to run secret prisons in unidentified foreign locations, he can order it. He says that, if it is necessary to engage in electronic surveillance of American citizens within the United States (which, we now know, was begun by the NSA even without his order), he can order it although there is a statute that was enacted to prevent this because of horror at its prior occurrences.

Do you doubt for one moment that, should he think it necessary to secretly pick up you or me or any one else, and to beat the crap out of us in jail to try to get information to protect our fellow subjects, he will order it? Do you doubt this for a moment in light of the already existing record, not to mention what we may not yet know about?

There is no going back if we all sit here and let this happen. This is the most obvious road to oblivion that I've ever seen in my lifetime. The weakened and corrupt legislative and judicary branches offer very little hope of resistance. We are seeing the last remnants of the old republic crumbling in decay, morphing into a wobbly statist dictatorship of militarist warlords.
Read your history kids, this is always the final stage of empires before they fall and crash to the ground with a resounding thud. We may yet witness the biggest thud in world history.

I might add that our own Axis of Evil (the U.S., Israel & U.K.) are still quite hell bent on starting a war with Iran before Bush leaves office. The main reason for the current offensive warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan could well turn out to be that this Axis is merely setting up forwarding bases for the bigger invasions to come. Thankfully I think our military is about to mutiny, which, sad to say, could be one of our only real hopes left.

Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues! - Revelation 18:4


Max said...

Beamis, as usual I agree with a lot of what you say. However, I think that it is unfair to include Israel in your "axis of evil". We do not agree with a lot of Israel's policies, but unlike the US and the UK, Israel actually exists in the region and has to consider its own survival. To put it in simpler terms: If the US says that Iran is a threat to their survival, that is a load of shit, but if Israel says the same thing, there is truth to the statement (to a greater or lesser extent, depending on your beliefs). Again, you may or may not agree with Israel's actions, but I think that you must acknowledge that Israel's continuing struggle for existence is something very different from the US or UK's "war on terror".

beamis said...

Why do you apply a different standard to the main branch office of American bullying and military terror? I have no sympathy with Israel's struggle. It was just as foolish to create a Jewish state, at the point of a gun barrel, in the middle of Arab territory, as it was for Churchill to carve out Iraq in 1919. Today Israel has morphed into a hard to control puppet of U.S. interests and is totally dependent on the largesse of the American taxpayer to remain a going concern as a viable country. Israel can kiss my ass!

The whole idea of a Jewish homeland mandated by the U.S. and U.K. was an un-realistic pipe dream to begin with. I say let them sink or swim on their own economic merits and statesmanship and stop shoveling American tax dollars their way to keep them well armed and dangerous to the whole region. For this to happen their big brother bully Uncle Sam Leviathan Superpower Fuckhead will have to come down first. It won't be very long, no not too long at all.

Israel is a very dangerous and provacative force in an already unstable part of the world, thanks in no small measure to the meddling of the U.S. federal government and the U.K. over the past 100 years. A plague on all three of their houses!

Audie said...

Amen, Beamis.

Devastatin' Dave said...


Haven't you heard? Israel is the homeland of God's chosen people. The discussion ends there. No criticism is allowed and Manifest Destiny is alive and well. Shalom.

matt_in_carajo said...

All arabs are typically towelheads and terrorists.

beamis said...

I believe you're responding to a different blog post. You must've gotten lost and landed here on mine.

Audie said...

People who post comments on other people's blogs are idiots.

Oh, wait....