Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Snow day

Finally a southern storm has crept northward into our obscure little corner of the Great Basin. It has been a very dry winter so far in these here parts, especially compared to the northern counties of Utah which are acquiring an above average snowpack from continuous storms from the northwest and west. This little snow maker came up out of Baja California and has given us some nice winter blanketing at last. The mountains might accumulate a foot or so of the white stuff, if they're lucky. Moisture from the south is usually more densely packed with water molecules and thus makes a better snowpack for the spring thaw.

Fleance doesn't care for the snow and when he is forced indoors he insists that I spread out the Mexican blanket curtain on the floor next to the glass door and then aim the space heater so it warms him in just the right spot for his bath and naps.

Mr. Fleance

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