Monday, January 23, 2006

Heidi's Farm

Many of my very best friends, it turns out, are all people like me: former employees of the National Park Service. One of my favorite success stories concerns Heidi in Iowa. Her and husband David just sent me a picture of themselves along with a letter containing the news that they are about to have a child, due in August. Well kids----CONGRATULATIONS!

Eventually I want to do what ya'll are doing, so by God I'm glad that you're providing an example I can take to heart. You are a hope and inspiration, and for that------thanks.

American Gothic 2006


Audie said...

Hi, Heidi! Congratulations!

Mike Lewelling said...


Congrats! I never thought I would enjoy being a parent as much as I do!

Looks like things are going much better than arguing about the Brady Bunch

beamis said...

Mike---that dude arguing at Mclulu's was named Chris and the guy she married is David.

She shucked that other guy into the Sea of Cortez somewhere south of Santa Rosalia. His family never did look into the disappearance.