Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Germain - Robin is the best

As I grow older I enjoy drinking alcohol less and less. In fact since I left the National Park Service the desire to drink has lessened considerably over the years. That agency is famous for its lonely drunks.

Anyway a good friend of mine in St. George, a man of exquisite taste and distinction, used to give me, for Christmas, a bottle of Germain - Robin; a fine hand crafted alamic brandy distilled in Mendocino County, CA. Why he stopped giving it to me as a holiday gift he's never stated, but it is now what I routinely ask for whenever I house-sit for anyone. When they blithely ask me "is there anything I can get for you in the big city?" my reply is: "Why YES!" Invariably folks can't easily find it, so I average about every third house-sitting job with a bottle of this magic elixir of the Gods. A good thing too I guess, by savoring it that much more.

This Christmas past, Michelle & Joe Hovorka procured me a bottle in Boulder, CO and I'm ever so grateful and slightly drunk from their kind gesture. Hic it's really great struff, hic. You should try some when you can.

Brandy is great in winter.

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