Sunday, January 22, 2006

Roscoe in Mexico

The Denver game is worse than I imagined it would be so I decided to pass the time by putting together an album of Roscoe's adventures in Mexico. I sure hope the Carolina-Seattle game is better'n this dog.

I did pick the exact score of the game, though, 34 -17. I should head to Vegas immediately, right?

Unlike in America, Mexican kids aren't afraid of Roscoe.

He is a real water sportsman.

Remote fishing village of Juncalito, where we always stayed.

Beamis likes Mexico.

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Anonymous said...

Oh the special times in Baja!!! Nothing like smoked fish olive sandwitches on fresh bread, ballenas on the beach, margaritas on the beach waiting for the "Green Flash", running naked, and seeing good old Roscoe hanging from a noose in Mulege. I remember his Dad wasn't too happy about that, but the pictures I got always make me laugh.

Mike Lewelling