Thursday, September 07, 2006

Comic book covers unearthed

Batman #163, May 1964
While moving I have had to disturb some deeply buried treasure, which includes what is left of my comic book collection. I here offer some cool covers, from the Beamis archive, which I hope to unearth once again when I'm more permanently settled in Florida. There were many more nifty covers from which to choose, so let me know if you liked these and I'll gladly post more.

Captain Marvel #32, February 1944

Journey Into Mystery #112, January 1965

Young Love #62, July 1967

Plunge Into the Depths of Despair, 1969

Uncle Scrooge #15, July 1956

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Georgia vs. South Carolina

UGA smiles sweetly
The 12th ranked Georgia Bulldogs will pay a visit to Columbia this Saturday to do battle with Steve Spurrier's South Carolina Gamecocks. After a 48-12 romp over non-conference opponent Western Kentucky this will be their first game in defense of their SEC title against an up and coming team on the rise.

Although Spurrier is known as an offensive mastermind, it was a tough defense that pitched a shutout in South Carolina's 15-0 victory over Mississippi State in the opener last week at Starkville.

This should be an interesting game with lots of hard hitting defensive play that I predict will come down to the kicking of the Bulldog's outstanding punter Gordon Ely-Kelso, as good field position will be an enormously important factor in such a tight contest.

I'd like to see Georgia quarterback Joe Tereshinski, who was a woeful 7 for 17, which produced a mere 90 yards against Western Kentucky, perk up and finally lead what is a fully loaded offense featuring great backs, blockers and receivers. We'll just have to wait and see.

Predicted outcome: GA wins 20-17.

Go Dawgs!!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin R.I.P.

Naturalist Steve Irwin died yesterday from a freakish encounter with a sting ray off the coast of Queensland in Australia. Steve was a personal hero of mine who was able to make the natural world a fascinating and exciting subject for the masses. His infectious enthusiasm and unbridled love of God's great earth and all of its fantastically adapted creatures made him a giant among naturalists and someone who I have striven to emulate in my own work.

Steve you will be missed, but I'm sure you're up there in heaven right now wrassling with crocs and kissing pit vipers on the mouth. Thanks for the memories, you shall remain an inspiration to all who love nature and the great outdoors. Rest in peace my friend.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

I is always working on Labor Day

It has been a very long work day as I finish off a Labor Day weekend Saturday night shift at das Bit und Spur, after a 6:30 (it was still dark, dambit) alarm bell for a full day of touring Zion's with the American Orient Express, for the very last time.


I'd like to thank my creative partners and friends Maria, Vanessa, Barb and Lin for a job very well done. Y'all made me look good by satisfying our clients and giving them a meaningful experience. Cain't ask for much more'n that.

Next year the AOE will offer Zion as an optional flyover trip by scenic air charter from Las Vegas. A fleeting glimpse from 10,000 feet above. Whatever dude.
It is ONLY two more short weeks till I yam a moving to Flooooorda. Ohhhh yess lawd I really is!!!

Friday's supper consisted of pulled pork bbq w/slaw (Carolina style) on an open faced Wal-Mart (Great Value brand) enriched white flour bun. The sides are fresh roasted corn & bean salad with finely diced red serrano pepper and home fries w/red onion sitting atop a tangy puddle of Bit & Spur chile ketchup.

This first day of September repast was downed with a liter of chilled Shasta seltzer water, and all I could say was mmmmmmmmmmm.

Desert Garden

King Fleance

Hopefully our tomatoes will turn red by the time Connie arrives in Cedar Valley. I shore does hope they do, I really does.