Thursday, September 07, 2006

Comic book covers unearthed

Batman #163, May 1964
While moving I have had to disturb some deeply buried treasure, which includes what is left of my comic book collection. I here offer some cool covers, from the Beamis archive, which I hope to unearth once again when I'm more permanently settled in Florida. There were many more nifty covers from which to choose, so let me know if you liked these and I'll gladly post more.

Captain Marvel #32, February 1944

Journey Into Mystery #112, January 1965

Young Love #62, July 1967

Plunge Into the Depths of Despair, 1969

Uncle Scrooge #15, July 1956

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Audie said...

I believe Captain Marvel was not entirely successful back in '44, for the "Mole Men in Dallas" were still there circa 1987.