Friday, October 13, 2006

Florida road trip

On the road again
I feel blessed to have been able to make a transcontinental journey two years in a row. Last year's Maryland to Utah adventure was fun and so was my recent move to Florida from Utah. As usual we toured as much as possible, seeing the sights in the early part of the day, and making up the big miles through the early evening. I'm pleased to say that we live in a big beautiful friendly country that is just as quirky and eccentric now as it was when I embarked on my very first cross-country trek way back in 1979.

The photos end in Louisiana. The conclusion of the trip, along the Gulf coast, will be shared in another blog in the not too distant future. Remember: you can click on each one to enlarge.

Fall color in Dixie National Forest, Utah

Splendor of Zion N.P., Utah

Meteor Crater, Arizona

Holbrook, Arizona

Petrified Forest, Arizona

Connie gets a closeup

Badlands of the Petrified Forest

Ancient kiva in the Zuni country of New Mexico

Bandera volcanic crater, New Mexico

Prairie paradise

Cadillac Ranch, Texas

Red River, Oklahoma-Texas (left to right bank)

An East Texas welcome

Interstate through Cajun country

Mississippi River crossing at Baton Rouge, LA


Devastatin' Dave said...


Looks like you had a good road trip to Florida. I'm glad that you and Connie made it there safely. I'm finding this post nostalgic, because I miss my truck and the ability to road trip. America is a great place for that.

beamis said...

Yes it's a great place that our government has not yet been able to ruin, try as they might.