Sunday, October 15, 2006

That "Welcome to Texas" sign

Some of you made note of a recent email I sent out, which included a photo of me posing next to a Welcome to Texas sign which had the word proud crossed out with black electrical tape. Not a few of you thought that I had done this most honorable & decent deed. I must confess that I wish I could take credit for this very patriotic act, but alas it was not done by me.

A brave and stout hearted Texan (or Oklahoman) was the enlightened soul who stood upon the elevated height of their pick-up truck bed, and nimbly affixed these black strips across that accursed word. For now, the welcome sign on Texas Hwy. 6 in Hardeman County, along the south bank of the mighty Red River, begs to differ. Halleluah!!

Down the road a spell at J.T.'s Drive-In in Childress, Texas

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