Monday, October 30, 2006

October in Florida

Winter hat and warm Gulf waters
I had no idea how warm and sunny it would stay down here in Florida throughout the glorious month of October. It has been quite an enjoyable experience to get out and explore this beautiful region under cloudless skies and pleasantly low humidity. It feels a lot like southern Utah weather only warmer. I can't wait for November when we cool off into the low 80's and upper 70's.

So here is another little photo album from Beamis to all of his friends, whom I hope will get a chance to visit this magnificent corner of Dixie in the not too distant future. If not they can at least enjoy some armchair travel through cyberpace.

Side street, Sea Grove Beach, FL

Monarch butterfly on goldenrod (Solidago fitulosa)

Big Daddy's on Hwy. 98

Coastal dunes

Gulf of Mexico

Southern fence lizard (Sceloporus undulatus)

Biking in Point Washington State Forest

Another beautiful sunset

Make sure not to vote next week. Y'all know it's a scam.
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David Gillman said...


I'm coming on the next flight.

Everyone else: vote! (Impeach Bush!)