Monday, November 06, 2006

Black & white shots of the South

I used an old reliable Canon A-1 film camera to chronicle my recent cross-country trip because my outdated Mavica digital was incompatiblte with my new Apple computer. I gave it away to a very grateful teenager in Virgin, Utah before departing. Anyway, after leaving New Orleans we discovered that we were out of color film, but luckily possessed a single roll of black & white. I mindlessly popped it into the camera, never realizing the arduous task it would prove to be getting such an ancient film medium developed and put on a CD.

Today, after finally getting this seemingly impossible undertaking completed, I would like to share some of the shots that were taken from the Mississippi state line to Seaside, Florida. A beautifully colorful stretch of country, perfectly suited to black & white.

Stuffed frogs decorate The Shed in Ocean Springs, MS

License plates adorn the walls. My kinda place.

Barmaids, Ocean Springs, MS


Thick & beautiful coastal forests of Alabama

Sign commemerating the travels of America's first naturalist

Journeys end

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