Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Interior Florida

Over the weekend we made a journey to central Florida to pick up some furniture and household stuff to bring back to our condo here along the famed Emerald Coast. Sleeping on the floor has been so much fun that I hain't gwana take kindly to no baid anytime soon!
The trip was through 400 miles of deepest darkest Florida and guess what? I thoroughly adore this state, with its deeply rooted sense of the past, wild overgrown all enveloping nature and the focus on a prosperous future. I really dig this place! Now on to the pictures:

The Old South lives on in the crossroads hamlet of Lee, FL

One of Florida's oldest churches, Moss Hill Methodist (1821)

Floor of the jungle, Osceola County

Live Oak, FL

Gator infested pond, Osceola County

Jungle walkway, Celebration, FL

A happy Beamis beaming away!


Devastatin' Dave said...

I don't know about anyone else, but I see an opportunity for you to become the American Crocodile Hunter.

Audie said...

I agree with Devastatin'.

(And I see it's gettin' to be time for another its/it's lesson....)

grammar boy

beamis said...

It's been taken care of grammer boy.

Audie said...

I double as spell-check boy.

It's grammAr.


That's OK. I went to the Denver International Film Festival this weekend, which is largely being held on the campus of a local community college, and they have these big posters all over, announcing an upcoming conference on "Sustanablity." I've gotta tell one of my friends that goes there that such signs do not speak well of community-college educations!

beamis said...

Hoo-booy, thank God for the would be saviors in this world.