Saturday, November 11, 2006

Cats in my life

Felix the Cat
Some of you have inquired as to whether I have any pets in my new Florida digs, and yes we have two cats. One is a noisy & talkative Persian named KC and the other a quiet and unassuming mutt named Angel.

KC is an expensive feline, with papers no less, purchased from a fancy Orlando pet shop. Angel, on the other hand, hails from a litter of paperless parents in Mississippi. (At times her accent is quite difficult to decipher).

KC sleeps at night in the laundry room sink, while Angel is nocturnal and tries to sleep during the day (if she can avoid the ever verbal KC, who follows her around yowling after her).

Angel likes me and will hang out in my office when I'm working and swat at me when she wants some attention. KC seems to grudgingly tolerate my prescence and will occasionally yowl in my direction to let her out on the porch so she can watch for her friend the bobcat cub.

All in all they are fun to have around and make life a little more colorful in our home. Now that I have a digital camera again it is possible to obtain some good shots of them so y'all take a look for yourselves at our feline menagerie.



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