Monday, October 30, 2006

October in Florida

Winter hat and warm Gulf waters
I had no idea how warm and sunny it would stay down here in Florida throughout the glorious month of October. It has been quite an enjoyable experience to get out and explore this beautiful region under cloudless skies and pleasantly low humidity. It feels a lot like southern Utah weather only warmer. I can't wait for November when we cool off into the low 80's and upper 70's.

So here is another little photo album from Beamis to all of his friends, whom I hope will get a chance to visit this magnificent corner of Dixie in the not too distant future. If not they can at least enjoy some armchair travel through cyberpace.

Side street, Sea Grove Beach, FL

Monarch butterfly on goldenrod (Solidago fitulosa)

Big Daddy's on Hwy. 98

Coastal dunes

Gulf of Mexico

Southern fence lizard (Sceloporus undulatus)

Biking in Point Washington State Forest

Another beautiful sunset

Make sure not to vote next week. Y'all know it's a scam.
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Friday, October 27, 2006

The Georgia vs. Florida Cocktail Party

Albert the Alligator and his date
Well folks it is time for the annual game held in Jacksonville, Florida pitting the Georgia Bulldogs against the Florida Gators in what has been famously known as the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

This year university officials from both schools have asked that sponsors, broadcasters and Jacksonville businesses stop using this moniker to describe the game. They want to downplay this particular aspect of traditional southern good ole' boy atmosphere that pervades this event. I guess if no one calls it that anymore it'll surely cut down on all the drinking. Good thinking guys. I'm sure this will have a huge effect on people's behavior. Maybe y'all could schedule a prayer breakfast instead of the normal pre-game tailgating parties.

Even though the Bulldogs are currently in a deep trough of despair and the Gators are at the top of the SEC East, and have defeated Georgia 14 out of the last 16 meetings, I'm going to go out on a limb and predict an upset by the Dawgs: GA 30 - FL 27.

Don't call your bookie until you consult with the Bagwhan. I'm sure his oracle sees it differently.

Regardless of the outcome it's a one of a kind game, which is as southern and delicious as pecan pie ala mode. YEEEEE-HAAAWWW!!!!

Sweet little UGA

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bobcat neighbors

Florida Bobcat
A small juvenile bobcat, that lives in the scrub between our condo and the beach, has been paying visits to our two cats: KC (a spoiled Persian) and Angel (a feline mutt from Mississippi). They have been mysteriously wanting to hang out on the screened porch a lot lately and we finally got a glimpse of the reason why yesterday at dusk, when we spied a young Florida Bobcat (Lynx rufus floridanus) brazenly walking along the top of the stone wall above the walkway that leads to the beach, and just across from our back porch. Upon seeing us it leaped up into the scrub and checked us out for a short while before scampering off towards the beach and presumably its mother, whom we've also seen out by the mailbox shelter in the front of the complex. Since it is the off-season we are practically the only persons living here full time and our cats are the only playmates this wild little kitten has to cavort with. I'll keep you posted. Maybe we'll write a children's book about it.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Florida scenes

Dave is dwarfed by an ancient live oak
Have been spending some of my spare moments exploring the beaches, parks and cultural attractions of my new home in northern Florida. Here I've gathered together a few images for a travel blog post to show you the wide range of experiences available in this wonderful area.

Next week we travel to Orlando on business and have plans to stop at five state parks along the way. I will post a blog about this adventure upon my return. Have a Happy Halloween kids!
Ponce de Leon Springs State Park

Wesley Mansion, Point Washington, Florida

Walton County Fair

A Confederate concession

Camp Creek tranquility

Another Gulf sunset

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Home stretch

On the beach
Photos of the final leg of my journey to a new home are in and ready for your viewing pleasure. Know that I am content and happy here, confident that the future is bright and that I leave my former home with few regrets. It's the American way. Wagons HO!

Best barbeque too!

Biloxi, Mississippi

Passing through Mobile, Alabama

Ponce de Leon Springs, Florida

Watch out for gators!

My local library is the oldest in Florida.

Home at last.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

That "Welcome to Texas" sign

Some of you made note of a recent email I sent out, which included a photo of me posing next to a Welcome to Texas sign which had the word proud crossed out with black electrical tape. Not a few of you thought that I had done this most honorable & decent deed. I must confess that I wish I could take credit for this very patriotic act, but alas it was not done by me.

A brave and stout hearted Texan (or Oklahoman) was the enlightened soul who stood upon the elevated height of their pick-up truck bed, and nimbly affixed these black strips across that accursed word. For now, the welcome sign on Texas Hwy. 6 in Hardeman County, along the south bank of the mighty Red River, begs to differ. Halleluah!!

Down the road a spell at J.T.'s Drive-In in Childress, Texas

Friday, October 13, 2006

Florida road trip

On the road again
I feel blessed to have been able to make a transcontinental journey two years in a row. Last year's Maryland to Utah adventure was fun and so was my recent move to Florida from Utah. As usual we toured as much as possible, seeing the sights in the early part of the day, and making up the big miles through the early evening. I'm pleased to say that we live in a big beautiful friendly country that is just as quirky and eccentric now as it was when I embarked on my very first cross-country trek way back in 1979.

The photos end in Louisiana. The conclusion of the trip, along the Gulf coast, will be shared in another blog in the not too distant future. Remember: you can click on each one to enlarge.

Fall color in Dixie National Forest, Utah

Splendor of Zion N.P., Utah

Meteor Crater, Arizona

Holbrook, Arizona

Petrified Forest, Arizona

Connie gets a closeup

Badlands of the Petrified Forest

Ancient kiva in the Zuni country of New Mexico

Bandera volcanic crater, New Mexico

Prairie paradise

Cadillac Ranch, Texas

Red River, Oklahoma-Texas (left to right bank)

An East Texas welcome

Interstate through Cajun country

Mississippi River crossing at Baton Rouge, LA