Saturday, September 02, 2006

I is always working on Labor Day

It has been a very long work day as I finish off a Labor Day weekend Saturday night shift at das Bit und Spur, after a 6:30 (it was still dark, dambit) alarm bell for a full day of touring Zion's with the American Orient Express, for the very last time.


I'd like to thank my creative partners and friends Maria, Vanessa, Barb and Lin for a job very well done. Y'all made me look good by satisfying our clients and giving them a meaningful experience. Cain't ask for much more'n that.

Next year the AOE will offer Zion as an optional flyover trip by scenic air charter from Las Vegas. A fleeting glimpse from 10,000 feet above. Whatever dude.
It is ONLY two more short weeks till I yam a moving to Flooooorda. Ohhhh yess lawd I really is!!!

Friday's supper consisted of pulled pork bbq w/slaw (Carolina style) on an open faced Wal-Mart (Great Value brand) enriched white flour bun. The sides are fresh roasted corn & bean salad with finely diced red serrano pepper and home fries w/red onion sitting atop a tangy puddle of Bit & Spur chile ketchup.

This first day of September repast was downed with a liter of chilled Shasta seltzer water, and all I could say was mmmmmmmmmmm.

Desert Garden

King Fleance

Hopefully our tomatoes will turn red by the time Connie arrives in Cedar Valley. I shore does hope they do, I really does.


Devastatin' Dave said...

What's to become of Fleance?

beamis said...

He's staying here. Larry will continue to feed him and Jill likes having him around as a companion and friend for her cat Ebony. Besides, Fleance believes that he owns all of this property anyway.