Monday, January 02, 2006

Bagwhan's Monday Bowl Picks

THE BAGWHAN has just returned from a trip of serious personal introspection along the shores of beautiful st. georges creek in st. marys county, md. no time for verbiage; time to kick ass.

we stand 16 bowls up and 17 bowls down for a total of -$95.00 on $25 bets.

here we go: (all games monday 1/2/06: all times eastern standard)

11:00 texas tech vs alabama ROLL TIDE! i love 'em but take tech -2.5 (1 bowl of bak.)

11:00 iowa vs florida time for the big 10 er 11 to show up iowa pick 'em (2 b of b)

12:30 va tech vs louisville -it's time for a big fav to blow someone away va tech -10 (3 bowls of bak.)

1:00 auburn vs wisconsin prove you don't totally suck and cover a double digit spread badgers wisky +10.5 (3 b of b)

4:30 ohio st vs notre dame i'm on a big 11 er 10 roll ohio st -4 (2 b of b)

8:30 georgia vs west va duh! georgia -6.5 (4 bowls of baksheesh)



Uncle Jelly said...

UGA. Ugh. Ouch. Great game.

beamis said...

I agree.

Uncle Jelly said...

Hadn't been able to interest my six-year-old in football at all until last night.

He freaked at the spectacle of me and the wife goin' crazy as the dawgs mounted their comeback. He insisted that I explain offense/ defense, downs, scoring, field layout and player positions along with reasons to pull for UGA in a halftime crash course. Sheer joy, until the end, for the tyke. He too is expressing his incredulity that WV got away with that faked punt. Alas, we all saw it coming.

Our house will want no longer for the genuine childish exuberance that makes watching the pigskin fly super-extra special. Life is good!

beamis said...

You never mentioned your child until today. Glad yer training him well. Good work.