Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The sky keeps a knockin'

Nevada Hwy. 375 heading south
Today the war gods were stirring it up vigorously to my west, over in the vast yawning Nevada deserts. Waves of super turbulent expanding concussions racked the cabin today as Moloch licks his chops over an air war against Iran.

In tribute to Audie's request of more desert scenery I thought I'd do a little album of this territory, to my west, where it is still remote enough for the Feds to be the evil mad scientists that they are, with nary a taxpaying soul being any the wiser-----ceptin' hermits like me, that nobody'd listen to anyway. It is a treasured pocket of planet Earth, that I dearly love and cherish. There it goes again: KAAAA-BOOOOOM, it even woke my deep sleep cat.

Yucca space antennas

Above the bar in Rachel, NV

Near Area 51

Dead coyotes in an upside down '68 Impala

Rachel, NV

Final approach to Las Vegas


js said...

Has Rosco every met an alien?

Andy said...

Great pics...I agree with Audie...more desert weirdness.

beamis said...

JS----He's cast his lot with me. Isn't that enough?