Saturday, January 21, 2006

Typical Bronco fan

Roscoe is quite peeved that I picked the Steelers over his beloved Broncos, prompting him to stage a raucous pep rally for me when I returned to the office after supper this evening. He was proudly displaying his favorite John Elway card and wearing his very vintage 1960's Broncos jacket that Vanessa bought for him when he was living with her in Logan, Utah a few years back.

That devil does get around. Anyway he is Exhibit A of what an obnoxious Bronco fan is really like. Sheesh!

I bought him the Elway card as a reward for not getting too weird when he went with me and my then girlfriend (ya'll remember Brenna?) to Mexico for a month of fishing and drinking tequila. After all was said and done she only ended up having one nightmare about him (an interesting future blog post maybe) and did refuse to let him sleep in the bed of her truck with us.

She did, on the other hand, enjoy breezing through the random check points set up by the Federales and the Mexican army who, like bored soldiers everywhere, delighted in a diversion of any sort and loved asking for Roscoe's papers and posing him and taking turns talking to each other with him. I remember one especially enthusiastic reception, in the middle of nowhere Baja California, where the soldier sat Roscoe on his automatic rifle and started hitting on Brenna using my dummy! He bellowed "Hey Babeee! What's up babeee!". The regiment was having so much fun that they almost didn't give him back. I think Brenna may have been slightly disappointed that they did.


Anonymous said...

Talk about puppet jerks. No, Roscoe's all right. But I thought you gave him up for some woman. I'm glad you reconsidered the exchange. Anyway, I didn't realize till now how much your plastic pal looks like Jimmy Carter. Steve D.

beamis said...

Glad you're still with the living my friend.

Devastatin' Dave said...

That's a kick ass, old-school jacket that Roscoe is sporting.

Anonymous said...

I once posed with Roscoe. On a couch in the snow. Very romantic.