Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cossack weather

Is the recent bitterly cold weather in Russia and Europe yet another indication of global warming? Moscow is supposed to warm up to -4 F by Saturday.

Russian Winter by Nikifor Krylov (1827)


Audie said...

And is crime really on the decline in NYC? I have a friend whose cousin's veterinarian's housekeeper got burglarized last month. So, see? That disproves the trend.

beamis said...

Still don't none of us know nuthin' bout no heaven or earth YET!

Rather it be warmer than butt ass cold any day o' da week. And you and your skinny ass frame in da cold boy. Who you kiddin' no how?

Audie said...

Now, son, you make yer livin' based on the fact that you know sump'n' 'bout da erff. So quit throwin' me dat "we don't know nuttin'" line when it's convenient fer ya! I won't ha' nary inny of it!

I do need me a snow bunny, tho, to keep my skinny butt cheeks warm during days 'n' nights like we be havin' right now. You know -- in the meantime, I mean, before the globe warms up to a comfortable and steady 95 degrees year-round, which is what the radical and ignorant environmentalists must mean by "global warming" (at least as such is explained to me by riggs 'n' beamis 'n' friends).

Lord, ha' mercy!

beamis said...

I don't know 'nuff bout whether or not the earth is gittin' cooler or hotter or whether hurricanes are getting more intense on a count a of global warmin'.

Like I said warmer is bettern colder in my book.