Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pittsburgh vs. Carolina in the Super Bowl

Former Georgia Bulldog star Hines Ward

I have not heard from the Bagwhan of late so I decided to make my own un-professional prognostications about the outcome of this Sunday's NFL championship games, which determines who will play in the 40th edition of the Super Bowl.

I don't erase any of my old blog posts so I will have to live with these picks in my archive for time immemorial. Anyway here goes:

Pittsburgh will defeat Denver to the tune of 34 - 17.

Carolina will settle Seattle's hash 27 - 13.

Whaddew I know? Not much really. I'm just groping in the handicapper darkness.

Where is the Bagwhan when I really need his holy guidance and spiritual light?

I like Jake Delhomme. My kind of football player.

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