Saturday, August 20, 2005

Tough Love For Courtney

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A judge ordered a tearful Courtney Love into an in-patient substance abuse facility on Friday after the troubled rock singer admitted to violating the terms of her probation by using drugs.

Love broke down in quiet sobs as Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Rand Rubin warned that he was prepared to send her to jail because he felt she needed "to hit rock bottom" before she was ready to overcome her drug addiction.

But Rubin said the performer's lawyers persuaded him to give her one more chance to avoid incarceration by placing her immediately into a "chemical dependency center."

"I'm convinced that you need either a long-term (treatment) program or a long-term stay in the county jail," Rubin said.

I was struck by how matter of fact and straightforwardly this governmental poobah, Judge Rand Rubin, delivered his putrid brand of high handed psycho-babble to the crying and prostrate subject set before him, while threatening to use the full force of state incarceration at his disposal.

I'm sure most people, like myself, do not have a very high regard for Ms. Love to begin with and probably felt a slight tingling sensation of wry amusement to see the downcast and abject condition of yet another pathetically washed up celebrity. On the other hand, most folks seem very accepting of the state's role in determining what types of substances we are allowed to put into our own bodies, where and when we can be searched, groped and randomly pulled over by the "security apparatus" and the harsh penalties dished out for ignoring the dictates of these vital matters of "homeland security".

The whole notion of being captain of one's own ship or as they said on Seinfeld "master of your domain" has shrunk from view as an ascendant government increasingly intrudes upon the personal space the private individual has traditionally operated from. Most people have become very comfortable being slaves to a stated "greater good", regardless of the cost to personal freedom or individual accountability.

Can anyone imagine a judge wagging his nanny-state finger at Dean Martin back in the 1950's, imploring him, Oprah like, to hurry up and "hit rock bottom" so he could start the healing process at a Palm Springs sanitarium? And while you're at it Dino, how 'bout giving up the smokes? Naw, the state makes way too much money off the sale of cigs and booze, so go ahead Dean, bottoms up baby! Now that's amore.

In court papers, prosecutors said only that the singer had been under the influence of a "controlled substance." But Deputy District Attorney Gina Satriano has told reporters the allegation involved "some sort of narcotic."

Love's attorney, Howard Weitzman, acknowledged to reporters that his client has suffered a "relapse" but was determined to "move forward" in her recovery.

It's nice to see that her lawyer knows the same psycho-babble. I guess it helps when you're dealing with a nannyacracy.

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