Sunday, August 14, 2005

Raining Cats & Dogs in Utah

The monsoon has been vigorous and wet this year, which is in keeping with the overall pattern we've been under since last October, bringing us a record breaking snow pack followed by a very wet spring. This is a fairly strong El Nino at work in the deep currents of the Pacific.

California, which is due west of here, has also had a one-of-a-kind weather year with precipitation records falling from LA all the way up and down the southern and central coast. In the Bear Flag Republic it has been a mixed blessing, what with the associated deaths, injury and property loss caused by this weather, but which also has filled most of the reservoirs back up.

The past few days have seen pounding drenching downpours in Springdale, just when the maximum number of outside diners are sitting on the patio of the Bit & Spur. We then have to scramble to get them all re-settled inside of the mercifully empty interior of the restaurant. Most leave their new inside tables, with their drinks, and scoot back up to the front of the building to watch the storm rage outside.

Out here in Quichapa we have been hit hard on three successive days, with Friday night bringing forth two gigantic storms that really got the gullies full to gushing and hail damaged some of the hot chili pepper crop. Them's the breaks dude.

After seven straight years of severe drought, the only thing I can yell towards the sky is this: "Thank yee Jee-zus, thank yee Lard!"


Anonymous said...

7 years of drought? Beamis, you live in a desert. Expect heavy rain every 7 years...more ore less.

beamis said...

Lard does I knows it!

Anonymous said...

a just god would never harm the chili peppers.
at least not in the long run.