Friday, August 05, 2005

21 Dead Marines----so far this week

Just wanted to take note that 21 U.S. Marines were slaughtered this week in Iraq.

"All 21 dead Marines were assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 25th Marines based in Brook Park, Ohio, a Cleveland suburb, according to Gunnery Sgt. Brad R. Lauer, public affairs chief with the unit. A civilian translator was killed and one Marine wounded.

The battalion has been fighting in the volatile Euphrates Valley in western Iraq to seal a major Syrian border infiltration route for foreign fighters. The Marines launched a series of operations in the region in May and June in hopes of pacifying the area so Iraqi military and civilian forces could assume effective control.

U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Carter Ham, in a news conference Wednesday, said American forces were mounting simultaneous assaults on a string of towns along the river to root out insurgents and cut off their freedom of movement. As insurgents resist, the area has become increasingly dangerous.

'This is a very lethal and unfortunately very adaptable enemy we are faced with,' Ham said, though he noted that insurgents were not targeting American forces any more than usual."

Another very deadly week for our boys in Iraq, and it's still only Friday. When are we going to stop footing the bill for all of this death and destruction? How 'bout it sheeple? Are you comfortable having your wealth confiscated and used in this manner and for these ends?

"Wednesday’s explosion happened just outside the town of Haditha, 140 miles northwest of Baghdad. The Marines were riding in an armored amphibious vehicle, or AAV, designed to carry troops from ship to shore and on land. It has a road speed of about 45 mph and can carry up to 25 Marines.

Marines often criticize the protection provided by the AAVs. Since the vehicle is also designed to be dropped from ships for coastal assaults, the armor plating is not as heavy as that of the Bradley fighting vehicles the Army uses.

The new losses follow the deaths of seven U.S. Marines in combat two days ago in the same operation. One died in a suicide car bombing in Hit, another Euphrates River town. The other six, from the same battalion, were killed Monday in Haditha while on sniper duty."

A link to an article about the horrific effect losing 21 men in a single small town can have:

The U.S. military is losing this war and losing it badly. It's time to say UNCLE and come home soon or this carnage on the Euphrates will continue unabated until there will be no more body bags left to fill. Slowly but surely Allah is cleansing His land of the Infidel. The Pentagon already knows this to be the case, but can't admit it openly, so it's time the whole country really starts to talk seriously about impeachment and trails for the criminals in DC who are pulling the levers of the war-machine. Bush and Cheney are war criminals in every sense of the word!

Tonight let's all pray for Brook Park, Ohio.


Max said...

All so pointless; just really really sad.

Audie said...

Pulled the below from an AP story about Shrub's continued sinking in polls on his handling of the situation in Iraq (which he created), and it reminded me of your earlier post about how the people fighting this war for the rich and privileged are the poor and uneducated:

"Approval of Bush's handling of Iraq, which had been hovering in the low- to mid-40s most of the year, dipped to 38 percent. Midwesterners and young women and men with a high school education or less were most likely to abandon Bush on his handling of Iraq in the last six months."

So, maybe the tide of sheeple-ness is slowly slowly turning. If Shrub continues to lose the support of the poor, deluded, and ignorant (which, by definition, are his only supporters), then maybe there's hope we can be rid of this loser.

Full story at: