Thursday, August 11, 2005

The faces are brown, in every town, deep in the heart of Texas

Texas now joins three other states with a non-white majority, a demographic trend sweeping the nation. The integration of Latin speaking Mesoamerican people into the uppermost reaches of the U.S. and Canadian landmass has sparked an economic and social revolution. It has been a major cultural transformation achieved in less than 30 years time.

The thing to keep in mind is that 5 western states, where the majority of these Hispanic people currently live, was as recently as 157 years ago, the sovereign territory of Mexico. It was stolen in a war of naked aggression that was a prelude of more to come for the native peoples, the Mormons and then the South. The Mexican War was fought to prevent Texas, California, New Mexico and Utah from becoming independent republics. Under Leviathan there would no longer be any further need of the Comanche, Kiowa or a Republic of Texans. The conquest was completed with a massive pile of 600,000 corpses of Civil War dead along with God knows how many Indian mass graves and the monster has never looked back.

The continued influx of Mexicans back into the area stolen from them is not surprising and generally makes good economic and geographic sense. Look at the place names in California for example: San Diego, San Jose, Sierra Nevada, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, San Juan Bautista, Santa Monica, Los Banos, Palo Alto, San Fernando and on and on it goes. Does this sound like a place originally settled by Anglos? How many of you knew that LA was a provincial capital in the territory of Alta California when it was a part of Mexican territory in the 19th century? Who are the true illegal aliens?

The browning of Utah has meant a better variety of food being available (Mexican & Central American goodies) and a highly motivated labor force which has benefited all of us with their work ethic and desire to gainfully interact with and prosper the local economy. Unfortunately it only takes one generation of social welfare to turn many into the dependent hinds they are now displacing.

America, America
Step out into the light
You're the best dream man has ever dreamed
And may all your Christmases be white


Max said...

"How many of you knew that LA was a provincial capital in the territory of Alta California when it was a part of Mexican territory in the 19th century?"

I did.

Kitty Bo said...

Honey, we were a republic for a while, and quite proud of it. And Mexican culture is very much a part of our culture. You blend the Spanish vaquero with a Scotch-Irish sheep dog, throw in a guitar with Mexican rhythms, and voila: the cowboy. I agree with the part about the corpses being a horror, but as difficult as it's been, the Mexicans in this country are a lot better off than they would be in Mexico. Have you ever been to Mexico? I have. Kitty Bo in Texas.

Devastatin' Dave said...


You need to do a post on The Nine Nations of North America

beamis said...

kitty bo---I'm not saying this is bad at all. I welcome it.

Anonymous said...

What IS that????? Beamis you didn't eat the "guizo de organos" did you???