Thursday, August 25, 2005

Apple picking time in Utah

The hints of fall are just now beginning to appear in Zion Canyon, with the desert skies a little less full of glare and the night time air refreshingly cooler. The schoolkids, who were formerly on vacation, are now being slowly replaced by higher spending "mature" folks who will come to enjoy Zion in droves as the full swing of autumn gets going next month. Back in my park ranger days we referred to it as the season of the "newly wed and the nearly dead."

Another good indicator are the heavily fruit laden branches of organically grown apple trees lining the lovely orchards of the Springdale Fruit Company. They are just starting to harvest the Galas, to be followed later by Fujis and many other great varieties of the best apples you've ever eaten.

So come visit Utah this fall and make sure to stop by their retail fruit market located on State Hwy. 9 just a little south of Springdale. You'll thank me later that you did.

(And if you're a guy, like me, it doesn't hurt that they have a bevy of very cute local girls working the counters there either.)

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Kitty Bo said...

We saw that orchard when we were there in Springdale. Lovely place. It's apple picking time here also in central Texas. I'm waiting on the Fuji's. Little compact things that are more satisfying than their store bought counterparts.