Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The 12th Article of Faith

KD sent a most interesting reply to my blog questioning why the Mormon faithful seem so slavishly subservient to U.S. military ambitions and central government control in general.

"as one who long ago stopped attending church (yes, the mormon one), i read your post with interest. i may be able to provide some insight to the blind way in which many church members follow their leaders...the 12th article of faith reads:"We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law." the 'being subject' to the rulers and laws is what separates the fundamentalists from the 'legal' mormons - a distinction anyone in cedar city (and other former polygamist hotseats) will be sure to point out...following the whole polygamy thing, church members were VERY careful to follow all laws of the land, as they'd had so many run-ins with the authorities over who they were marrying. in effect, most church members have become ultra-law abiding - which i find curious in a religion that promotes higher education among its members......my mormon relatives and acquaintances are very proud to have a long history of military service and sacrifice...and simply following their leaders in what's right."

I now know that the 12th Article of Faith in Mormon scripture is what separates the fundamentalist church from the mainstream branch. Polygamy is always cited as the main difference, in much the same way that slavery is used to distinguish the Union from the Confederacy, but it is much more deep rooted and fundamental than the simplistic sensationalism of popular history that is routinely taught in the government schools.

The 12th Article is nothing more than a blood pact with Big Brudda to do his bidding and thus keep the peace. Sorta like what a candy store owner has to do for the local gang in his inner-city neighborhood. Lawless hoodlums always prevail in this manner after a forceful demonstration of their ruthless power. Any conflicts this alliance with Moloch may put you in with your own God must be chalked up as the price to be paid for keeping the candy store open at all as a going concern.

Let the shakedown proceed.

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Devastatin' Dave said...

Sounds like a deal with the Devil to me.