Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Kind Thoughts for Sheriff Wright

I've been told that our beloved local police chief, Kurt Wright, remains in intensive care at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City. His liver function is back to normal and he's been up and walking around again which is surely a good sign and hopefully is in response to our prayers and kind thoughts over these past few weeks.

Kurt is the last of a breed, a true "peace" officer. He has the unique ability to be a bridge between a wide spectrum of the community and is accountable in ways that transcend citations and arrests. He's an old-fashioned deputy who is always available to talk and consult with, and is often the first to give solace and advice to both victims of crime as well as to those who've foolishly broken the law by doing something stupid. He's always there to help pick up one of life's lonely losers and attempt to get them set straight back on the right path.

His style of police work is more like Andy Griffith than Dirty Harry. You have to look for him, instead of the other way around, which is quite refreshing in the age of the Patriot Act. At heart he is a kind and decent man who favors peace and personal privacy and would never brandish his badge in your face. He's someone who is always there when the call for help comes in, inspiring us all by his example.

Kurt we sure miss you and pray for God's speed in your recovery.


Devastatin' Dave said...

What happened to Kurt?

fazer said...

Dave: Kurt is now out of intensive care. It's still not certain when he'll be released to come home, but hopefully it's soon.

Thank you for so beautifully expressing what many of us feel.