Wednesday, August 10, 2005

American corpses still piling up fast in Iraq

As the corpses and shattered bodies of American young men continue piling up in the fetid dusty mess that is guerilla war in Mesopotamia in August, I want to keep reminding every American reading this that your payroll tax deduction is directly producing this carnage. There is blood on all of our hands. On Monday one Marine in Ramadi was shot dead and Tuesday brought us 5 more corpses, all from Pennsylvania this time, who were ambushed in the northern Iraqi city of Beiji.

We get so numb to it, the perpetual carnage, the lies and cover-ups and our own complicity in making the whole thing materially possible by dutifully paying the federal government the money they need to fund bloody savage war. When will it reach into our consciousness more fully that WE are the source of war through the non-voluntary confiscation of our assets?

While it is true that the United States, with its superior high tech, is being soundly defeated by a decidedly low-tech insurgency this thing could still drag on for quite a while, due to the personal vanity of people like Dick Cheney, Doctuh Rice and Paul Wolfowitz refusing to be wrong about going to war. Not to mention Shrub.

All you need nowadays to defeat an invading superpower infidel are a few cellphones, some explosives and a spare human with a backpack and viola you can blow up the devils in a fuel convoy in Mosul or on the subway in New York, London or Madrid. Believe me when I tell you that they will continue to kill and maim as many as possible, up until the final moment when the infidel shamefully departs from their holy land in total defeat and disgrace. But like I said it could take a while to sink in that they're losing and we could all go under with them if it continues for too much longer. From Charley Reese yesterday:

Last week, a bunch of insurgents probably none of whom had any formal training killed 14 of the "best-trained, best-equipped soldiers in the world" with one homemade bomb. The insurgents know one thing the hotshots in Washington overlooked: The way to fight a high-tech army is with low-tech tactics and weapons.

As long as we keep troops in Iraq, some of them will die, because in that part of the world, when you kill a man, you automatically incur the mortal enmity of his family. In other words, we are manufacturing new insurgents every time we kill one. Like the Viet Cong, the insurgents know they can't beat us on the battlefield, but they know that in the long run, they will be there and we won't.

Amen brother.

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Audie said...

I like that last sentence in the Reese quote. So true.

Who couldn't see this coming? I mean, besides the entire Congress, both parties, who voted for this war when they gave a nitwit commander in chief permission to give the orders. I could see it so clearly, far in advance, the cycle we are in now. As soon as the first soldier died, then the "justification" for war would change -- yet again -- to "making sure his death means something, by staying and finishing the job." Ha! What a fucking joke. There is no finishing this job. I think we should take a poll amongst us on how many U.S.-troop casualties will occur before we leave there (tails between our legs). Of course, this would be a contest made especially difficult by the fact that the U.S. occupation will likely endure past any of our lifetimes. So, I say: 6,000 troops will die in Iraq before we either pull out or I die (hopefully from non-military causes), whichever comes first. This, of course, does not count all the impending civilian deaths on our own soil which will (there can be no doubt) be occurring in the near future, as a direct result of our occupation of Iraq.