Thursday, November 10, 2005

Secessionists in the Green Mountain State

The following article is from today's headlines and brought me a deep sigh of contentment. Just knowing that there are others in this republic who wish to secede from that evil, wasteful monster that wallows in muddy smug self-satisfaction along the banks of the Potomac, always gives me hope. I begin to think maybe the future ain't as dim as I thought.

There is also a poll within the article which asks:

Do states have the right to peacefully secede from the United States?

Yes, if states could join the union, then they can leave it when federal power grows too large. (76%)

No, secession is an attempt to nullify majority rule and has no place in the Constitution. (24%)

This poll made me smile with inner satisfaction because the article is featured in the moldy stodgy pages of the Christian Science Monitor. I truly believe there are many citizens who would support their state in seceding from this criminal cabal of warmongers, if they thought it could actually be done. It can and it will, and is all perfectly legal, Abraham Lincoln notwithstanding. Or as Devastatin' Dave likes to say "he got what was coming to him." I agree.

Mark my words, the U.S. government is nearing the end of its tenure as a bully tyrant regime, just as the Soviet Union did 15 years ago, along with every other evil empire before it. History shows that war making is the final exhausted gesture of an empire about to collapse in upon itself. You can read the history books for yourselves, every last one expired in needless and hatefully aggressive warfare that it proceeded to wage in a last desperate attempt to prevent its corrupt and evil core from being extinguished forever. It has always proven to be a vain hope that is very costly and soaked in blood.

Let's support our friends in Vermont and ask ourselves how much better life would be without this stupidly diabolic entity that ruins and destroys everything it touches. God bless the Second Vermont Republic, I wish you great success!

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Devastatin' Dave said...

Here's my problem with this answer...

No, secession is an attempt to nullify majority rule and has no place in the Constitution. (24%)

The Constitution never provided for majority rule. What is so sacrosanct about "majority rule?" Anyway, one of the biggest frauds going today is that the representative republic set up by the Founders is equivalent to "democracy."

In any event, I'm with the latter-day Green Mountain Boys. They could teach the NH Free State Projet a thing or two.