Monday, November 07, 2005


The ultimate racial hybrid of swarthy grease
I received an email from a friend in Texas about yesterday's blog on the Paris riots which stated that the whole thing was the result of lawless gangs and did not represent a more general uprising against the monolithic state apparatus being used by oppressive Gauls against the restive Muslim minority in their midst. This is mere wishful thinking on her part, because I believe the die has already been cast.

France, Spain and Italy are about to see changes in their traditional way of life that they could not have imagined even 25 years ago. As early as 2030 it is projected that Spain and Italy will become Muslim majority countries. Allah will again control Gibraltar. So be it.

The same is true of the newly emerging Mexiamerican nation now taking shape on this landmass. I'm all for it. The food tastes better and the overall culture is way more open and libertarian. Bring it on! I want to be a part of this demographic transformation.

I'm now learning Spanish and am not one bit resentful. My grandfather had to learn a new language to survive in new surroundings and I will gladly do the same. If we Rachlis's are anything, we're adaptable. I can learn, be trained (especially by a woman), tell which cardinal direction I'm going in and am able to read the clouds and the wind. I can even grow a little food. All I need is a mule and a patch o' ground. YEE-HAW!

Bring on the future dude! At my hacienda we'll fully embrace it!

Let's get to work

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