Sunday, November 06, 2005

Lori's way cuter

Chickenhead terrorizes the canyon dwellers

My friend Josh sent me some pictures from Halloween. My eyeball is perfectly aligned with the hole in the mask, which I thought was neat-o. Thanks again Josh.

By the way Buckethead's new album is titled Enter the Chicken, and contains a most beautiful composition called Nottingham Lace, that is both sublime and exhilarating all at the same time. I feel that he is making a real contribution to the world of music and applaud and support his efforts. I get to go see him, for the first time, on the 15th in SLC. Vanessa tells me that the venue is small and intimate. I can't wait.

Mask or no mask Lori is way cuter



your chickenhead is actually a little scary.
lori is "way cuter" than many, many things.

Nancy said...

That chicken looks frighteningly intelligent.
I'm glad the Bagwhan told me about your blog. (Thanks for the nice comment, btw--I feel the same way.)