Thursday, November 24, 2005

Predictions from the Bagwhan on Thanksgiving

Here are the Thanksgiving predictions of the Bagwhan:

o.k. holiday special from T.B.
let's get back on track:

akron should kill kent
give the 14

colorado pays back nebraska
give the 14

houston should hammer rice
give the 17

3 big favs
fingers crossed


TB said...

we got the first one easy 35-3.
2 to go.

Audie said...

1 out of 3?

TB said...

1 win
1 loss
1 push
if you were unlucky.
i got houston at -16, so i went 2-1.
8-4 so far.
not great but a $ maker.
TB will be here thru ALL the college bowl games.
it looks like (very early) there will be 2 bowl matchups between the big 10 and the SEC.