Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Be thankful for the free services in life

My my my said the spider to the fly.

For the last hour or so a helpless fly has been buzzing discontentedly above me while being spun into an imminent meal by the always alert spider that lurks in the window above my desk. This particular spider is called a long-bodied cellar spider and it has been especially busy this year trapping a wide range of prey including moths, flys, stink bugs and wasps. This most useful arachnid is from the genus Pholcidae, which includes the daddy long legs spider. They characteristically hang upside down in a loose web in the dark corners of houses or cellars. About 20 species live in North America north of Mexico.

The outbursts from the fly have now decreased to intermittently muffled buzzes as the web is spun more thickly around the juicy victim. Soon the fly will sound no more as the spider sucks it dry and then will discard the silken body bag on my window sill. Thanks little buddy I owe ya big time.

I hate having to use the swatter, it being so messy and all.

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