Friday, November 04, 2005

Had a Happy Halloween

At the local market in Springdale

The costume was good this year and so was the weather. I donned the headgear a few days before Halloween to work out the kinks and feel truer kinship to the role. Alex and I watched Land of the Dead until 3:00 in the AM, the day before Halloween, which helped me weld the consciousness of a deadened flesh-eating zombie to the ripe and rotting pumpkin pulp encasing my avian shaped cranium.

The soundtrack to my current life is the Octave of the Holy Innocents. If'n you'se wants a copy let me know. It captures the contemporary mood of the world perfectly.

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Max said...

Beamis, I love the picture - awesome headgear. I called Monkey over to look at it too, all he said was, "Oh my."