Saturday, November 12, 2005

Georgia loses to Auburn

Kenny Irons scores a touchdown for Auburn in the 1st quarter
As much as I hate the fact that the Bulldogs lost to Auburn, for the second year in a row, I still want to testify loudly that the Southeastern Conference puts on some of the finest sporting spectacles since the days of Imperial Rome. In addition to this magnificent match-up in Athens---LSU beat Alabama in a squeaker at Tuscaloosa and South Carolina upset Florida. What a day of football! The following article is from Friday's Miami Herald which pointed out an interesting fact about the history of the Georgia-Auburn game.

ATHENS, Ga. - There's plenty of things that stand out in the Auburn-Georgia rivalry, but one tidbit caught Russ Tanner's eye: Heading into the 109th game between the Deep South's oldest rivals, they are separated by one measly point.

That's right. Through all those years, through all the thrilling finishes and occasional blowouts, Auburn has scored 1,619 points on the Bulldogs, while Georgia has countered with 1,618 points against the Tigers.

"It's amazing how long these teams have been playing each other," said Tanner, Georgia's senior center. "It's crazy how close and how tight it's been."

The funny thing is that the final score of today's game was 31-30, so now Georgia is a whole two points behind until next year. Ain't the universe a strange and wondrous place?



that is un-freaking real my friend.
2 points in 110 games.
my TIDE has NO offense.
i love em to death and will have to drown my sorrows in malted beverages.
we will try to kick auburns sorry butts next week and the world will spin right again.

Devastatin' Dave said...

While we're on the SEC, shouldn't Spurrier be considered for Coach of the Year? He's gonna have S.C. competing for the SEC championship in another 2 years, if not sooner.

Sinister Steve said...


He should be considered but Paterno is gonna win.

Devastatin' Dave said...

Ah, forgot about Jo Pa

beamis said...

Jo Pa is a tired old man.

beamis said...

If Georgia loses to Kentucky, which ain't likely, South Carolina would advance to the SEC championship game, because they win the tie-breaker against Florida after defeating them.