Sunday, November 20, 2005

Let's hear it for Auburn and the SEC!

Auburn cheerleaders
The scrappy and resourceful Auburn Tigers are playing some of the best college ball in the nation and deserve to be praised for their ability to defeat both Georgia and Alabama in the last two weeks. The SEC is again, by far, the best football league in the land! NFL eat your heart out!
It looks like it will be a showdown between LSU and Georgia for the championship. I fear playing those guys because they are really, really good. I just hope my Bulldogs can beat Georgia Tech next week for goodness sakes. They are a team that has already beaten Auburn and Miami!
I wonder how long Texas or USC would remain undefeated if they played an SEC schedule? Look at their opponents and decide for yourself.
By the way, has anyone stated where the Sugar Bowl will be played this year?


Audie said...

A quick googling turns up this news release:

ATLANTA (Oct. 7, 2005) - The Sugar Bowl Committee has announced that it will stage the 72nd Nokia Sugar Bowl Football Classic on January 2, 2006 in Atlanta's Georgia Dome....

beamis said...

So conceivably the Bulldogs could play three straight games in the Dome: next week's game w/GA Tech, the SEC championship game and then the Sugar Bowl. It'll be like a home field after that many appearances.

A quick google to you too.

Devastatin' Dave said...

I think Auburn is the best team in the SEC right now. Too bad they can't play for the SEC championship. By the way, Skeeter is convinced the Big Ten is the best conference in the college football.

beamis said...

Yeah Skeeter cheers for a conference called the Big 10, which actually has 11 teams. That's a great achievement for an academic association. Down south they at least know how to add. Why even out in the Cow Turd Belt they adjusted from the Big 8 to the Big 12 when they re-aligned a few years back.

Better than the SEC? What? Sounds like Skeeter has had too many Miller Lites at the tailgaters party in the puke spattered Ohio Stadium parking lot.

beamis said...

Someone has reminded me of the Ohio State "Heinegate" parties, which I must applaud as letting the gay fraternities get involved in a signifigant way with all of the Buckeye fan happenings!

Devastatin' Dave said...


Did you hear that? Beamis is calling you gay.

Skeeter said...

Yawn, a very lame attempt gentlemen, however I have some facts on my side...Bam!

Jeff Sagarin Rankings

Top 10 teams
2 Big Ten Teams
1 SEC team

Top 5 toughest schedules
#1 Michigan
#2 Ohio State
#3 Northwestern
#4 Illinois
#5 Minnesota

Loser SEC Conference schedule strengths.....

#24 Tennessee ooohhh
#62 LSU
#65 Auburn
#69 Georgia (hehe 69)

Conference Ratings

1 BIG TEN (A) = 82.99 82.47
2 ACC (A) = 79.08 78.56
3 PAC-10 (A) = 77.66 78.66
4 BIG 12 (A) = 77.22 78.37
5 SEC (A) = 74.29 73.97

What's that you say...don't buy Sagarin's computer OK...try raw data

Total Offense
Top 15 Teams (Points per game)
3 Big Ten teams
0 SEC teams

Top 10 Teams (Passing yds)
2 Big Ten Teams
0 SEC teams

Top 15 teams (Rushing yds)
2 Big Ten teams
0 SEC teams.

Top 10 teams (Receiving yds)
2 Big Ten teams
0 SEC teams

What's that you say? These stats only signify that Big Ten has week defenses and therefore skew the numbers unfairly? Haha I love that story..check out...this..BAM!

Rushing Defense
#2 Ohio State
ooops wait you're right
#4 Tennessee....smerk...hahahah
they're not even bowl worthy dude

Passing defense Bumpkis
0 Big Ten
Oh wait, Tennessee is #5..Oh, nope sorry, that's Middle Tennessee St...You know that perennial power house...I think SEC schedules them for warm-up games..

Well lets look at special teams

Top 15 Return teams
3 Big Ten teams
0 SEC teams

OK...enough of teams lets go for individual performance stats, and see what conferences they come from..wait you're getting ahead of me now...wait for it.

Top 10 Passers (Total passing yds)
2 Big Ten players
1 SEC player (Vandy..again not even bowl eligible)

Top 15 Rushers (Total rushing yds)
Remember we already proved Big Ten is better in rush defense...
5 Big Ten Players
2 SEC players

Finally Big Ten has 7 teams that are bowl eligible, while only 6 teams from the SEC are bowl eligible.

But if STILL don't buy all this bout this.

Every bowl game where Big Ten teams play SEC teams, we'll bet $10. The person who wins the most money after bowl season, wins the right to call their conference the best, the loser must concede and say he is a worm, a wiggly worm from the bottom of the ocean depths.....unless you're afraid...

Sinister Steve said...

South Carolina beats Florida and Vandy beats Tenn.

Tough League

Sinister Steve said...

Indiana beat Kentucky
Kentucky beat Vandy
Vandy beat Tenn
Tenn beat LSU

Thus Indiana would be LSU

Devastatin' Dave said...

I'll take LSU, Georgia, Auburn and Florida and I'll win 3 out of 4 against the top 4 teams in the Big Ten. They had to bring in Penn State to make that league legit. After Penn State and OSU, who you got? 7-4 Michigan? Nigga please! Plus, OSU had their chance to prove themselves against elite teams and they lost to Texas and PSU.

beamis said...

As much as I appreciate your treasure trove of stats, I agree with DD about putting up the SEC's best four teams against the four best in the Big 11.

Can you get me tickets to the GA-TN game in 2007 at Knoxville?

beamis said...

Oh and the bet is accepted.

Devastatin' Dave said...

Skeeter said: "Finally Big Ten has 7 teams that are bowl eligible, while only 6 teams from the SEC are bowl eligible."

Big whoop! You only need 6 wins to be bowl eligible. Have you seen all the half-ass 6-5 teams that go to bowls? How about a real standard of, say, 8 wins to be bowl eligible? Then you have 4 SEC teams making bowls and only 3 out of the Big Ten. Being bowl eligible means nothing. It's watered down.

Audie said...
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Audie said...

Getting to more important matters, for which stats are not needed, yes, beamis, audie likes the picture very much.

(I just now saw your comment. If you please, delete my "audielinn" email account from your address book, and use the "audsquad" one. I rarely check the former. Thank ya, sir.)

Skeeter said...

Good. Bet accepted. Any bowl game with Big Ten and SEC teams play...$10 per game. Loser must concede the other conference is the best and must also say "I am a worm, a wiggly worm from the bottom of the ocean depths!"

Something that wasn't discussed was a potential tie. If each of us win the same amount of bowl games, the money of course is a wash, and I propose that we both must concede that the other's conference is equally on?

You answered your own question with your comment about bowl eligibility. If only 6 teams from the SEC are bowl eligible, and loser teams have 6 wins...what does that say about the SEC?
Check and Mate.

Skeeter said...


Don't worry, if you want tickets to any Tennessee game next year, they'll be giving them away outside the stadium, just come up.

Tennessee fans are extremely fairweather..

noodleguy said...

who gives a s#!@#$^@%^# who the best conference is? let us talk about who the best teams are.