Sunday, November 06, 2005

France erupts

Tenth night of riots in gay Paree
I'm very intrigued by what is happening in France with all of the rioting going on around Paris. I think they are a direct result of imperial hubris on the part of the French who arrogantly assumed that once you were conquered and colonized by their military you would then clamor to enjoy the many splendors of finally being part of a civilized race. This is the same as America's hubris of setting up a western democracy on the banks of the Euphrates similar to the one on the Potomac. Allah help 'em if they ever succeed in perpetrating that crime!
Anyway the North Africans in France have been tucked away in dreary government housing projects and suckled on the poisonous teat of social welfare for decades. Several generations of this has produced children with no skills, education or prevailing culture upon which to draw sustenance. (Sounds like the inner-city of America, don't it?)
These folks, from across the Mediterranean, is all very pissed off that being French ain't quite as cool as their former conquerors told 'em it would be. Since they are making way more babies than the native Gauls, I'd say traditional France is in a world a hurt as the more populous and fertile Muslim culture advances over the low birth rates of the so called developed world of Europe.
After a thousand years the Muslims have returned as conquerors, not with swords but a higher rate of reproduction. The very same thing is happening here in the U.S. as the brown wave surges northward from a tropical belt of teeming steaming humanity that stretches all the way to the equator and beyond. Que pasa amigo?

It weren't guns that killed 'em off son. It was condoms, creams and birth control peels. They done went and keeled themselves off----they did.

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