Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The airport is crowded

Here comes the local news with their annual "the airport is crowded story". Well why on earth is that the case? Have tickets suddenly become much cheaper? Are people all choosing to go on vacation at the same time? Do they know something the rest of us don't? I think it is imperative that you send a reporter out to the main terminal and let us all know how "crowded the airport is." I for one need to know.


Audie said...

I wonder if, on Friday this week, the malls will be crowded. Hmmmm....

I'd better stay tuned to my local news.

And, you reckon anybody will be serving turkey and gravy for free to the homeless people on Thursday morning? Better stay tuned.

And what about some parades? Aren't there supposed to be some big parades somewhere, with kids perched on their daddies' shoulders, and giant inflatable Bullwinkles and Underdogs floatin' down the avenue? Somebody please keep me informed, goddammit! Jesus, where's Peter Jennings when you need 'im? I'm lost out here.

Thank you, though, Beamis, for that heads-up about the conditions at the airport. I'll contemplate the situation all day.

beamis said...

That's what I'm here for Stump.


do you guys know whether the NFL plays on thanksgiving?
it would be a cool idea since so many people are sitting at home.

Audie said...

I don't know, Bagwhan. I'm too busy worryin' about whether Shrub's gonna pardon that turkey or not.