Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tattoo you

Herve at the height (pardon the pun) of his popularity
I plan to put the above celebrity press photo up for auction on eBay but wanted to make sure that I had all of the details about its origin down pat. So I'm checking with all of you, dear readers, on a point of fact I wish to establish.

On the back of the print the caption reads:

The Sixth Annual People's Choice Awards held at the Hollywood Palladium.
Photo shows: Herve Villechaize (of Fantasy Island) and date, Darlene. (Jan., 1980)

Now if I'm not mistaken the woman shown next to Tattoo is really Charlene Tilton, who played Lucy Ewing on Dallas. This picture would have been taken before she landed that part on the show and was probably sleeping with Herve to advance her career. Whaddya think? Is it her?

Charlene as Lucy Ewing


Max said...

Beamis, I don't think it's her. I think that Charlene Tilton started in Dallas in 1978 so by the time of the photograph she would not have had to be shagging midgets for parts. Then again, perhaps she had a midget fetish - you never know.

Synchronicity in the title: Yesterday evening I was handed my ticket to the Rolling Stones concert in Brno next June.

beamis said...

Do you think they'll still all be alive by then?

Max said...

Who knows? I did have the exact same thought. And are we even sure they are all still alive now?

beamis said...

It reminds me of Alice Longworth Roosevelt's response to the news of Calvin Coolidge's death, "How can you tell?"

beamis said...

A quick Google search reveals that you are correct about her debut on the show was 1978.

Wow but it sure looks like her, and what with her name being Darlene and all.....I guess Hollywood chicks all looked the same back then.

This all I can stand to focus on as Rome continues to burn.