Thursday, December 22, 2005

The high for the state today

Springdale recorded today's high temperature for the state of Utah with a sparkling scrumptious 72 F. Christmas in the Holy Land of Zion indeed, where's my portable potted palm?

Let's all root for California tonight against BYU in the Las Vegas Bowl----the Bagwhan's prediction notwithstanding. I like the Utes and Aggies but despise the Cougars. It's sorta like hating the white and shiny Dallas Cowboys from when I was a young Redskin fan growing up in DC, but at least the Cowboys were worthy opponents, unlike the white bread chicken shit, sprinkled with converted Samoans (adding a brown hue & much needed bulk) rag tag bullcrap they call football in Provo. "And they called it puppy loooove...."

BYU is in a bowl game because Las Vegas is a fun place for Mormons to come and gamble and frolic in the warmth of bright December sunshine, on a traditionally slow week in Sin City. I don't know how many fans from Berkeley come but probably a few, because it's a very cheap flight from Oakland to LV. Let's go you Golden Bears! Let's win one for Tookie Williams!


TB said...

i agree 100% about can win by 6 or less and we'll all be happy.

beamis said...

I thought it was Cal -7.5, which means BYU covered. Right?

Max said...

I don't know what those predictions mean and I have been puzzling about it for days. The Bagwhan and Beamis speak in strange code. Is everyone indeed happy with the result? I am.


TB said...

cal wins and byu covers.
the line actually went to 9 so anyone who took byu had it pretty easy.