Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I love trucks

This morning I decided that if I took a camera to town with me, to run errands, something would appear before me worth taking a picture of, and that I'd post a blog of whatever it turned out to be. I kid you not! Within a few minutes into the journey lo and behold there it was.

Monday's fierce winter storm knocked out the local electric transformer, and today a new one arrived at the Quichapa substation. The pictured crane truck, that will first pick up the destroyed transformer and then lift into place its replacement, totally blocked both lanes of Hwy. 56, taking its own sweet time backing in. A gigantic metal dinosaur controlled by a human brain. Way cool.

Just like a kid I still love trucks!

Ain't humans cool for building and maintaining such things as crane trucks and transformers?

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Devastatin' Dave said...

Do you have any of the old, metal Tonka trucks?

beamis said...

You've never seen my Tonka Fire Pumper or Hook & Ladder truck, which were mine from the early 60's? Yes the early 60's!.

Devastatin' Dave said...

Nope. I thought you saved that maneuver to woo the womenfolk.