Monday, December 19, 2005

The Bagwhan picks the first week of bowl games

THE BAGWHANS BIG BOWL OF BAKSHEESH! let's get the first weeks crappy bowl games out of the way in one fell swoop. all games rated 1-5 bowls of BAKSHEESH

tuesday 12/20 New Orleans Bowl arkansas st vs. southern mississippi (-16.5) so. miss is much beter than ark st, but i'll call for the backdoor cover: ark st. +16.5 (2 bowls of baksheesh)

wednesday 12/21 GMAC BOWL UTEP vs TOLEDO (-3) small favs are 21-11 in bowl games: take the ROCKETS and give the 3 (1 bowl of baksheesh)

thursday 12/22 LAS VEGAS BOWL BYU vs CAL (-7.5) cal doesn't care, the mormon boys will stay sober and focused: take BYU+7.5 (2 bowls of baksheesh)

thursday 12/22 POINSETTA BOWL COLO ST vs. NAVY (-3) san diego's a big naval town but it's a long damn way from annapolis: take COLO ST +3 (2 bowls of baksheesh)

friday 12/23 FORT WORTH BOWL HOUSTON vs KANSAS (-3) the big 12 BLOWS: take houston +3 (1 small bowl of baksheesh)

John Riggins

saturday 12/24 HAWAII BOWL CENTRAL FLA vs. NEVADA (-2) florida to hawaii? why bother? take NEVADA and give the 2 (1 small bowl of baksheesh with a side of poi)

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His holiness at a recent spiritual conference.



2 of the most inspirational photos i've ever laid eyes on.

beamis said...

Ryner emailed: Riggo and Bjello this is great!


does the word SPIRITS come from SPIRITUAL or is it the other way around?'cause that spirit-ual conference was out of bounds!

beamis said...

The Bagwhan is multi-dimensional in his use of the various types of spirits found in the universe.