Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Stay the course

Being an amateur historian is a painful hobby to have. Careful study reveals the regular and oft-repeated tendencies of tyrannical central governments, especially the modus operandi they employee in the harmful prosecution of wasteful wars.

Listening today to Shrub, who has been forced to admit to failures in his warmongering, I was reminded of Adolf Hitler when he had to admit to the German people about the utter destruction of the vaunted Sixth Army at Stalingrad. He went on to use that opportunity to also explain that renewed sacrifice from the populace was expected and that staying the course in war was the only way to avoid total annihilation by the Asiatic Bolshevik rapers who would sweep across the Vistula River if they were not kept in tow on a battle front. Fighting them on their soil was making it safer for all German citizens by keeping them contained in military conflict in their own pig sty of a country.

Hitler then told the huddled masses that by invading Russia the Germans were doing these people a big favor by improving conditions in this backward land of peasants, cossacks, Jews and Mohammedans, all viciously dominated by a murderous madman in the Kremlin. Victory meant setting up the first civilized government structure in the whole long history of this strife torn country. Victory meant a public trial of Stalin as a war criminal. Victory meant the immense oil reserves of the Caucasus. No siree Bob we can't back out now. What kind of signal would that send to these savages? Germany must stay the course!

Sound familiar?


Max said...

Hauntingly so.

Anonymous said...

Only your comparison of Nazi Germany and the US is familiar. If one disagrees with your starting point (that the US is as bad as Nazi Germany) your comparison loses its effect like a light show when the house lights come on. Steve D.

beamis said...

The U.S. doesn't have to be as bad as the Nazis for me to still make the point that central governments, by their very nature, are sinister liars who foment diasterous wars and kill millions of innocent people.

Why are you so hung up on the comparisons to Hitler and the Nazis? I could also use Stalin, Lincoln, Tojo, Churchill, Truman, Pinochet, Johnson, Brezhnev, Wilson, Milosevic you name 'em and I'll show you similar compunctions and motivations. They all peddle the same lies about killing, murder and death.

You need to be able to see the U.S. government the way the other 5.7 billion people on the planet do; in just the same way that Americans could see the Nazis back in the 1930's as the Germans couldn't. In the 21st-century information flows more freely, and there is no excuse for your pesistent glorification of the American state when the obvious facts are at hand. This government is evil and the rest of the world knows it and can't wait to put an end to its bullying and murderous mayhem.

Why don't you turn on the house lights and show me what I'm getting wrong. Does it bother you too much that the Shrub man acknowledges that there are 30,000 dead innocent Iraqis from his war. That it is a tad shy of the work of Himmler makes me no less appalled. How 'bout you?

How much longer are you going to bask in the glow of "at least we aren't as bad as the Nazis."

Anonymous said...

Not at all amateur-ish. Good job.