Thursday, December 29, 2005

I don't think it's funny no more

Democracy builders
At this point in history it is no longer a disputable fact that the forces of the American Imperial Empire are turning out to be the hegemonic monster regime of the emerging 21st century. That I live in a country where the majority of the population either does not grasp this fact or chooses to ignore it only makes the graveness of the current situation all that much more dire.
The U.S. has spent, so far, $210 billion on the war in Iraq which everyone outside the U.S. knows was lost the day that Shock and Awe began. Shock and Awe? Does anyone feel proud to be from a country that launches large scale offensive warfare, on innocent civilian targets, under such a sleazy smarmy banner of self-righteousness? It makes me sick to my stomach to think that some of my wealth was confiscated to produce the horrific violence and death of such a campaign.
It feels more and more like 1930's Germany every day. Instead of Warsaw it is Fallujah, Ramadi instead of Kiev. The Nazi Fuhrer told the Germans he was giving these savages a history by invading them. For them the sweet fruits of social democracy were just around the corner after conquest and the imposition of a civilized order.
Just before the holidays the current American Fuhrer came clean, to what many of us have known for years, that the U.S. Constitution is just so much toilet paper to greedy tinpot tyrants like himself and Count Cheney. That this is the closest we have come to realizing a true police state in the whole history of this dank republic is pretty scary. Not since Emperor Roosevelt bombed millions of innocent civilians and sent every person of Japanese ancestry to a concentration camp, or when Lincoln imitated Napolean, has a dictator president like this emerged so free to do what he pleases. It is a low point in history that cannot long be sustained or bring about a positive outcome in the short term.
All I can say is God bless the Muslims who are determined to take this Beast down. God bless them all! Each American bomb brings new soldiers to the fold of righteous revenge. A fatal fatwa upon your house!
Sic semper tyrannis!


TB said...

except for "god bless the muslims"
i ,also sick to my stomach,agree with you 100 percent.
it is actually quite a sad thing being part of something you don't agree with but can do little about.
this administration is as close to a disgrace as any in my adulthood.

Max said...

Beamis, right on. But I'm with TB in excepting "god bless the muslims". However, having said that, just the other night in a conversation I said that if I were Iraqi, I would be fighting the occupation too.

This administration is not "close to a disgrace" - it is already an absolute disgrace and I am ashamed that, as Americans, we have not already rid ourselves (and the world) of it and the despots that comprise it.

Audie said...

What's wrong with god bless the muslims?

Devastatin' Dave said...

I think it should be Allah bless the Muslims. C'mon guys.

beamis said...

Allah bless the Muslims!

Devastatin' Dave said...

Glad we've got our dieties straight. Don't want to piss of God/Allah/Jehovah/Yaweh/Buddha.

TB said...

my granparents immigrated from montenegro
in the late 1800's.
do a little research on the ottoman empire and it may explain why "god bless the muslims" is to me the same as god bless the new york yankees or god bless the dallas cowboys.
google: "the battle of kosovo"
it occured on june 28th 1389 and EVERY ONE of my relatives knows about it 600+ years later.
this administration may suck now, but those bastards will suck forever.

beamis said...

Then I'll be more specific:

God/Allah bless anyone in Iraq and Afghanistan that is fighting the imperialist despoiler of our planet, the United States federal government. It must be destroyed!

By the way the Montenegrins need to get a life, 1389 was long time ago. While I'm no fan of the Turks, who are the first true genocidal government of the modern era, inspiring both Stalin and Hitler, I think that handing down hate for a group or religon over the centuries is a dumb thing to pass along. I say keep the plum brandy and your native dances but get rid of that old deep-seated hate. It's the worst kind there is.