Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A wet pattern over the southwestern corner

A perfect comma shaped low intrudes onto my territory.
The overall weather patterns, according to meteorologists, seem to indicate a warmer and wetter winter season possibly on the horizon for my neck of the woods. One can only hope, since we don't really have a good grasp on this predicting business, and I seriously doubt we ever will, but ending a seven-year drought cycle would be a nice Christmas gift for all of us in this desert region. Makes it easier to grow all that there Romain lettuce you're consuming in Connecticut and Missouri in December, as well as keeping all those fabulous fountains in Vegas flowing. We got us a great little civilization out here, we does!
The steady rain falling today is finally tamping down the pollen and dust which has plagued us allergy sufferers since the spring. Hack-hack-sneeze!
Fleance hates the rain.
In late November I'll be in Las Vegas for a week (11/26 - 12/03) doing research and development work and staying in a condo at the south end of the Strip. Vegas is a great place to Christmas shop-----so come on down and set for a spell. We'll have Thai food and get drunk watching college football. I'm still a dumb ol' American guy last time I checked.

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