Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The earth continues to rumble for evil

Onward march the Christian soldiers

Six days from the last post about earth thunder emanating from the Nevada desert, I'm sad to report that it continues unabated. The ground and air shook so violently, earlier this morning, that I wondered if they had unleashed something so terrible that it maybe even frightened them. No chance of that when you're dealing with mad scientists employed by the Beast. The sky's the limit on horror with that guy.

The U.S. government has also reached the 2000 dead soldier milestone, to go along with the 45,000 permanently injured in frontline combat. Then there are all of the dead civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, which number, at least, in the tens of thousands, with many thousands more seriously wounded and/or homeless from the destruction of their dwelling by the U.S. military. Fallujah, Iraq, about the size of Cincinnati, was leveled to the ground in order to root out, so called insurgents. They have done much the same in many other parts of their theater of operations, with intense human suffering being the most profound result of their efforts.

This whole sordid mess is about to spill over into Iran and Syria, as the dry alcoholic messianic leader prepares to meet the fate history has arranged for him. As he stares into the yawning abyss, I'm rather inclined to think he intends to drag us all right down there with him. Misery loves company and since we're paying for it, we might as well as share in the fruits of OUR labor.

The blood is on all of our hands.

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