Saturday, October 15, 2005

College football is the best

The third weekend of October finds me free for a whole Saturday, so I can enjoy one of America's best entertainment products----college football. First it was Alabama over Ole Miss (13-10 ) on a game winning field goal as the clock ran out. Next up it was LSU defeating Florida (21-17) in a tight defensive squeaker, followed by Oregon State over California (23-20) and then the super exciting finish of Southern California beating Notre Dame (34-31) on the last play of the game in South Bend, after clearing the field of Irish fans who thought the clock had expired on the previous play and were ready to celebrate a victory over their hated rival.

Now excuse me while I watch the night games, which includes Utah vs. San Diego State and Georgia vs. Vanderbilt, and bake pies for some of ya'll.


darrell said...

nothing personal, but:
anyone who thinks the NFL is more enjoyable to watch than COLLEGE FOOTBALL,
has never set down and watched COLEGE FOOTBALL.
bet with the bagwhan.

Devastatin' Dave said...

My head was spinning. Didn't know if I should watch the ND/USC game or the Florida/LSU game or the Texas/CU game. So, I wathced a little of all of them, but mostly the ND/USC game. Vince Young of Texas is unstoppable. Still, nothing better than SEC football.

beamis said...

Yes I screwed up by not mentioning Penn State vs. Michigan, which did not air in my region. I originally only wanted to talk about the games I was able to flip to, but should've at least mentioned the Michigan win as a part of the overall excellence found in the college football experience that particular Saturday.